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Seraphic Siren Astrology is a website that offers various astrological services such as natal chart interpretation, synastry reading, forecast and prediction, horary reading, vocational astrology, relocation report, and electional astrology. We are a team of fully qualified and accredited professional astrologers who graduated from a prestigious astrology school and took up ethics and counseling training.

Quickly Growing Collective

Seraphic Siren Astrology is a quickly growing collective of spiritual seekers, astrology enthusiast, and rockstar astrologers all around the world. We are a community that empowers people to achieve their dreams with the help of astrology.

Go-to Hub for Learning

We provide the right tools and informations for basic astrology up to advanced level astrology. It is helpful for those people who has a casual interest in astrology, and those who wants to understand how astrology connects in our daily lives.

Loved By Everyone

High quality, accurate, honest, direct, sympathetic and positive reading using a system of astrology called Vibrational Astrology. VA is an evidence based form of astrology where the ideas are supported by research study. We help our clients make the right decisions.


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A Community Website for Astrology Enthusiast!

Create an account and have your own profile. Share photos, videos and connect with other members! Join the discussion and share your ideas and new discoveries on astrology, and seek astrological help from professional astrologers in the forum!

Unlock restricted content and get access to members-only articles. Learn new techniques and astrological methods through our online e-learning system.

Enjoy These Three Free Services In Our Website

This online astrology readings software enables you to calculate various astrology charts as well as register names and birth data for as many people as you want. Our software calculates Natal Chart, Synasty Chart, Horary Chart, Harmonic Chart (1-31), Planetary Hours, Moon Aspects, Solar Arcs, Progression, Transits and More…

This calendar acts as a guide to foresee what planetary influences will happen in the future. You can easily prepare and plan ahead of time to take advantage of the planet’s energies auspicious and inauspicious qualities. Download this aspect calendar and print it to act as your monthly planner.

The 30-minutes quick readings are for those people who are in need but can’t afford expensive astrological consultations. I wholeheartedly want to help and provide guidance since you are currently in a desperate situation. I will do my best and sacrifice most of my time to assist you on your life struggle and in order to help you make changes.

Join over 500 happy customers world wide who seek help through astrology!

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