Why Pluto Dominant People or Plutonians are extremely private?

This is the question asked by most of the people when they meet someone who is a Pluto dominant also called as a Plutonian. The answer is, that's the way they just are or it’s just their nature because of the pain they went through in life. They faced rejection repeatedly so they think that when you get to know their darker side they are afraid that you will reject them also. Another reason is that, they don't want to reveal themselves as you may use it against to them someday. They are prone to changes and think that he might have a good for now but, things will eventually change somehow and you might use everything you know against them to lose power over something.

Joe (not his real name) who is a Plutonian with Venus, Mercury, Mars and his Pluto in scorpio in the sixth house, he’s very secretive about the way he works and very obsess about promotion and the power of being an authority in the work environment. Although he is friendly and has a lot of friends to hang out with, but no one knows the deeper side of him. When you ask about personal questions, he tends not to answer it and change the topic. He confessed that he doesn't reveal himself because he is afraid that anyone might figure out his weakness and use it as a blackmail or to control him. This is true for Pluto-scorpio dominant person because of the pain they experienced when someone broke their trust.

Sometimes they might lie or tell other stories to captivate you on thinking that you know them very well. But, they are just wearing a mask of lies in front of you to defend their privacy. While speaking with you it may seem like its normal but they are already analyzing you whether you are trustworthy or not. A red alarm will ring in their mind when you keep pushing yourself that you're are worthy of these Plutonian's trust, they might just play along or won't talk to you ever again. These people have a powerful instinct and common sense that when you're revealed your secrets to these Plutonians, you need something from them, that's their trust and it will never happen.

"I will reveal myself to you, and I think you might reveal everything to me in return" type of approach will not work with these people as they see you as a potential threat in their privacy. Although sometimes the Pluto dominant person already proclaims that you are his or her best friend in this world he or she might keep secrets from you depends on how he sees you as a person. You can share you own pluto-scorpio experience whether you are this person or you know someone who is pluto-scorpio in the comment section.

Do you have any experience with someone Plutonian or you have a story to share? You are welcome to write a comment in the comment section.

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