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My Name is Reynalyn Cruz a.k.a. Seraphic Siren. I am a Filipino Vibrational Astrology Practitioner, Focusing on Relationship, Profession, Business, Finances, Relocation and Predictive Readings.

I am currently working as a part time Astrologer at Seraphic Siren Astrology – Perspiciatis, a small but successful astrology business in the Philippines.

I’m honest with my work and I always provide my best service to the people, as early as possible. I still carry on with my studies and research in astrology, so I could expand my knowledge, grow, and utilize my full potential to serve the people in need. I take pride in what I do and I will carry on what I am doing.

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Natal Astrology Consultation

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Thank you Seraphic Siren!! Your readings and forecasts are spot on!! Not only do you care for your clients, but you ensure that they have the best reading and help they can get!! You’ve gone the extra mile for me, and I truly appreciate that. I am forever thankful and have always enjoyed our conversations. Keep up with the good work and keep writing those articles!! I’m glad my contributions are being utilized for a good cause! Much love and many more thanks!!

Andy Nguyen

It was spot on the reading revealed I have thought deeply about how I would like my life to turn out, the reading help me reconfirm what I already knew deep inside helping let go of doubts trusting in myself as I walk into the future.
Sam Macy

I’ve just made a synastry reading with the Seraphic Siren. She is amazing. She analyzed our birth chart personalities and made a match. Unlike with other astrologers, she goes in depth of the chart, puts all pieces together and offers very helpful tips, things that might be obvious in the relationship but you might not take them into consideration.

Alexandra Ada

Had a wonderful experience with my first reading! Everything was spot on about my personality traits and also I learned about other strengths. She gave me a lot of things to think about and even advice for the future. Highly recommend a reading!

Thanushka Bandara


Our astrologers are fully qualified and accredited professional astrological consultant.


Currently, Seraphic Siren has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major in Customs Administration, a Vocational Degree in Professional Astrology Certificate Program, Financial Trading, and Supply Chain Management. She also took up courses on Ethics and Counseling Training, Constitutional and Criminal Law.


Information I Need From You

  1. Your birth date – month, day and year (e.g. May 15, 1991).
  2. Location of birth – i.e. the city, state and/or country.
  3. The exact time that you were born – Typically the precise time of birth is very important when calculating and interpreting a birth chart, which means this must be exact. To be able to receive accurate reading. If possible the time must be from your birth certificate. Let me know the source of your birth time and how accurate you think it i once you schedule an appointment for astrological consultation. If you are not certain about your birth time then you should let me know.
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