Scorpio Rising Sign – Ascendant in Scorpio

Alluring, magnetic, seraphic, and stunning! That’s how I can describe a person with Scorpio rising sign. Once they enter a room full of people, all eyes stares at them. Others sees them as a shining jewel dug beneath the earth’s crust that everyone wants to have it, but not everyone can get easily. They are precious, enchanting, and disarming. Which causes jealousy and bitterness to others. And one of the reasons why they are sometimes hated. Being a Scorpio Rising are both rewarding and disheartening. Because deep within they want to connect but they are too wounded to do so.

Scorpio Rising Sign in Friendship

People with Scorpio Rising Sign are friendly but cautious. Their friends often see them as if they always hiding something. They are private, and often change the topic when it’s all about their privacy. They stick to one or two best friends and it will last for many years, till betrayed. However, their best friends sees them as an open book and possessive. Because once they see their best friend mingles with another friend they will get jealous. And since trust is formed they are now comfortable on sharing even their deepest darkest secrets.

Scorpio Rising Sign in Love Relationship

Their dating partner sees them as clingy, loyal and passionate. It depends on the partner if they enjoy this kind of clinginess, but it is good! Scorpio rising doesn’t want to be separated with their beloved. They often request to do activities together. Their partner sometimes sees them as sex magnet. But sex without commitment is not advisable if you are dating a Scorpio rising.

Scorpio Rising Sign as a Marriage Partner

Their marriage partner sees them as a loyal partner in crime. They can be a helpful as assistant to their other half. Specially in the time of need and urgency Their partner also see them both as inseparable till the end of time. Because Scorpio Rising believes in these 2 words forever and eternity. And they let their partners adopt this values then they become as one.

Do you have a Scorpio Rising Sign in your Natal Chart? Please share how your friends, family, lover, or haters sees you! Write your comments in the comments section below! Thank you!

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